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Mouldering State Hospital

Originally built to be a prison, this sprawling campus was repurposed after community complaints into a state hospital. Operating from 1924 until the mid 90’s, It is currently being demolished.

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South Carolina State Hospital- Babcock Building


This is the Babcock building at South Carolina State Hospital, formerly known as the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, as a few remaining documents in the building testify to. Created in the style of the Kirkbride buildings, while not actually being a Kirk itself, the Babcock building’s admin is the second oldest building on the grounds, while its still active Mills building is not only on the National Historic Landmark, but has the honor of being “The oldest building in the country to be used continuously as a mental institution and one of the first mental hospitals built with public funds,” according to the NHL.

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Babcock Building- Stained Glass

I’m going through a ton of old photos to move a blog post on the South Carolina State Hospital, Babcock Building to this blog over the next few days (it’s enough photos it may be a two part post) but in the meantime, here’s a few photos of the gorgeous stained glass in the attic.

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Spiral Stairs

A few more themed posts should work for the moment. I always love finding such intricate architectural details in buildings, especially after so many have undergone later renovations to become more utilitarian. The first shot is from a hospital on a quarantine island, the second from a forensic psychiatric facility.

Spiral staircase in the nurses' building, North Brother Island, NYC

Spiral staircase in administration building, southern state hospital, Virginia

Green Corridors

A short update while I bring more posts over from my older blog, a juxtaposition of two corridors from two places states away.

Steam tunnel, Overbrook State Hospital, New Jersey

Glass brick breezeway, asylum in Massachusetts

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