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Asylum Life- Salons

Most asylums and state institutions (and sanatoriums) were fitted with beauty parlors for the patients, helping create a healing environment and giving the patients some freedom in their appearance, despite clothing very often being supplied by the hospital itself. Finding hairdryer and barber chairs in hospitals is fairly common, and I’ve always smiled at finding these varied relics. It’s a breath of fresh air to be reminded of the humanism in a lot of these locations, so often bogged down by the more sensational stories of abuse. Most asylums were self sufficient, with carpentry and sewing rooms, teaching basic skills alongside reducing the cost on maintaining these publically funded institutions, so it would make sense that they would also provide salons

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South Mountain Sanatorium, historic photos

Several weeks ago I had the great opportunity to shoot the former children’s preventorium at South Mountain Sanatorium (formerly known as both the Mont Alto State Sanatorium, PA State Sanitorium No. 1, and the City of Hope) in Mont Alto, Pennsylvania. I’ll be composing a full blog post on the photos later (one is posted here) but in the meantime I figured I’d share some scans of historic photos of the campus. I’ve actually linked these images to larger versions, so please click on them to open a larger version.

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Rainy Day Sanatorium

I came back from a long weekend of shooting hospitals, and have been editing the photos from the three days. Here’s one, from Mont Alto Sanatorium in the mountains of PA, shot on a rainy day.

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