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Ellis Island’s North Side: Baggage & Dormitory Building

The north side of Ellis Island was the original side, consisting of 3.3 acres though it was later expanded between 1890 and 1897, much as the south side was constructed by creating more land using ship ballast. The tide of immigrants seeking entry to the United States increased rapidly in the early 20th century, and as such the south side was later constructed, as referenced in my earlier post covering the South Side.

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The South Side of Ellis Island

Continuing on our sea-faring ventures out to the lost islands of New York, today’s coverage is of the off-limits sections of Ellis Island’s south side. While the north side of the island has been converted into a museum with a great trove of historical documents portraying the hardships immigrants had when entering the port, the more gritty reality of history is found on the south side of the island- in the hospital, psychiatric buildings, quarantine wards and its power plant and autopsy theatre. Continue reading

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