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Mouldering State Hospital

Originally built to be a prison, this sprawling campus was repurposed after community complaints into a state hospital. Operating from 1924 until the mid 90’s, It is currently being demolished.

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A selection of various auditoriums, chapels and other general congregation spaces I’ve shot over the years. Most are contained within larger institutions; I’m not including free-standing theatres.

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Taunton State Hospital

I have enough photos from Taunton, a now-demolished Kirkbride hospital in Massachusetts that I could likely post a photo a day for months and still have more to go, but for now I’ll put a few up. I’ve rarely been so inspired by the colors, patterns and light in a place. Staying overnight to be able to get up before dawn and shoot is always an amazing experience. I really miss this location, though I’m sure there will be more Taunton-centric posts to come. Built in 1854, it was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1994 and was demolished in 2010.

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Worcester State Hospital, bed

An old shot from the sadly now demolished Worcester State Hospital. Winter 2008. Probably still one of my favorite shots to date.

South Carolina State Hospital- part 2

Here are more photos from the South Carolina State Hospital,  Babcock building, focusing more on artifacts and details than my previous post.

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South Carolina State Hospital- Babcock Building


This is the Babcock building at South Carolina State Hospital, formerly known as the South Carolina Lunatic Asylum, as a few remaining documents in the building testify to. Created in the style of the Kirkbride buildings, while not actually being a Kirk itself, the Babcock building’s admin is the second oldest building on the grounds, while its still active Mills building is not only on the National Historic Landmark, but has the honor of being “The oldest building in the country to be used continuously as a mental institution and one of the first mental hospitals built with public funds,” according to the NHL.

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Babcock Building- Stained Glass

I’m going through a ton of old photos to move a blog post on the South Carolina State Hospital, Babcock Building to this blog over the next few days (it’s enough photos it may be a two part post) but in the meantime, here’s a few photos of the gorgeous stained glass in the attic.

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Buffalo State Hospital/ H.H. Richardson Complex

Designed by H.H. Richardson, the Buffalo State Hospital was constructed in 1870 and stopped housing patients in the mid 1970’s. One of the largest still-standing Kirkbride buildings, the state hospital became a great example of Richardson’s style, which later in his career would become known as Richardsonian Romanesque. The hospital has been known by many names, including the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane, Buffalo State Lunatic Asylum and most recently as the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. Continue reading

Buffalo State Hospital bed

A teaser shot from the beautiful H. H. Richardson complex in Buffalo, NY blog that I am re-editing to post here. Built under the Kirkbride plan in 1870 and still standing, currently pending adaptive reuse.

Bed in the sandstone wards, the ward suffered a file years ago

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