Worcester State Hospital

View of the front of admin, 2008

One of the few remaining Kirkbride buildings in Massachusetts, these days only the center administration building with clocktower remains. I made a point to go shoot it as demolition was beginning on the remaining wing, four or so years ago, and spent sunset recently shooting the exterior of the clocktower again. Being entirely boarded, other than the top floor, it was difficult to get shots and I wasn’t terribly good at long exposures at that point, but here’s a look at a now mostly-demolished hospital. In the place of the wings new facilities for the hospital have been built, and it was surreal returning, unable to recognize the campus.

Exteriors- 2008

One of the two remaining rotundas

Back of administration and part of remaining wing

Boarded up section of wing

Back/side view of Admin, standing where the already-demolished wing used to be

Interiors- 2008

Basement shot

Central controls for mass showering, where attendants would control temperature and pressure of water and hose patients down from the center island

Standard room, first floor, artificial light

Second floor, wing junction

Another view, artificial light (daylight finally seen through boards)

Pram in a stairwell landing

Tricycle in a hallway

Fairly standard hallway connector

Bed frame in attic

Fresh snow piles on a bed from a hole, going during a blizzard was somewhat miserable, but this was worth it

A lot of the top floor had had boards torn off, so some light got in

Another bed frame

View through a window toward the clocktower, from inside the wing

A lot of beds all got piled into rooms, awaiting demolition

Steeply angled ceiling on the attic level

Institutional green

Light painted couch in a black basement

Some incredibly vibrant paint in the lower floor children's ward

More from the children's ward

A rocking chair and minimal light from one partially removed board

I do wish I'd returned during demolition while all boards were actually removed. I know some people who got some incredible photos, with light actually flooding the halls

An industrial size body scale in a refrigerated basement room

Historic images


Exteriors- March 2012





    • steve morse
    • March 9th, 2012

    What a wonderful collection of images documenting some iconic architecture of Worcester County.

  1. Nice work, the one with the snow pile is incredible. Such a cool image.

    • Kittie Danger
    • June 19th, 2012

    Hauntingly beautiful photography

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