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North Brother Island- Physical Plant

I’ve spent the last several years visiting the quarantine island known as North Brother, documenting the slow change and decay of the buildings over the years. Located in the middle of the East River off the Bronx in New York, the island is a nesting sanctuary for herons and rarely seen by anyone outside of the NY Parks Department.

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The Victory Theatre, Holyoke MA

The Victory Theatre, located in Holyoke, Massachusetts was originally constructed in 1920 as a movie house and performance space, showcasing both vaudeville and silent films. A pit, located at the front of the stage housed the Victory Symphony Orchestra which played during screenings and performances. One of eight theaters that thrived in the time of silent film and vaudeville, it switched to a solely movie theater in 1931 until its closure inĀ  1979.

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Sharon Springs- resort hotel

In the coming weeks I’ll be making several posts about abandoned resort hotels in Sharon Springs, but in the meantime, here’s a long exposure from the common lobby area of the Columbia.

ISO100, f/11, 8 minutes

Spiral Stairs

A few more themed posts should work for the moment. I always love finding such intricate architectural details in buildings, especially after so many have undergone later renovations to become more utilitarian. The first shot is from a hospital on a quarantine island, the second from a forensic psychiatric facility.

Spiral staircase in the nurses' building, North Brother Island, NYC

Spiral staircase in administration building, southern state hospital, Virginia

Buffalo State Hospital/ H.H. Richardson Complex

Designed by H.H. Richardson, the Buffalo State Hospital was constructed in 1870 and stopped housing patients in the mid 1970’s. One of the largest still-standing Kirkbride buildings, the state hospital became a great example of Richardson’s style, which later in his career would become known as Richardsonian Romanesque. The hospital has been known by many names, including the Buffalo State Asylum for the Insane, Buffalo State Lunatic Asylum and most recently as the Buffalo Psychiatric Center. Continue reading

Buffalo State Hospital bed

A teaser shot from the beautiful H. H. Richardson complex in Buffalo, NY blog that I am re-editing to post here. Built under the Kirkbride plan in 1870 and still standing, currently pending adaptive reuse.

Bed in the sandstone wards, the ward suffered a file years ago

Green Corridors

A short update while I bring more posts over from my older blog, a juxtaposition of two corridors from two places states away.

Steam tunnel, Overbrook State Hospital, New Jersey

Glass brick breezeway, asylum in Massachusetts

The South Side of Ellis Island

Continuing on our sea-faring ventures out to the lost islands of New York, today’s coverage is of the off-limits sections of Ellis Island’s south side. While the north side of the island has been converted into a museum with a great trove of historical documents portraying the hardships immigrants had when entering the port, the more gritty reality of history is found on the south side of the island- in the hospital, psychiatric buildings, quarantine wards and its power plant and autopsy theatre. Continue reading

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